The Bogging...

So today after expressing my feelings about being particularly bogged I managed to find the planks, shoved them under my wheels and free myself from the sand. I ended up focusing on one category in my Beautiful Frames store, which were my Butterfly Ribbon Frame designs. It took me all bloody day to fix the horrors which awaited me, and I think that overwhelmed feeling was my subconscious warning me of things to come by bombarding me with a million other things which could serve as an awesome avoidance tool! And it worked... for 3 whole days. So I have come to yet another conclusion. Quick Create is not for me. I thought it was really the most awesome thing I had EVER come across because I could see my store building and building at a faster rate than I had ever been built before! I had goals to build an empire, but I am now realizing that it is not faster, I still have to go back and fix all the descriptions and that takes just as much time as doing them all one by one. I was toying with the idea of narrowing it down to a few popular products but there are so many wonderful products, I would probably end up with all the same ones and I also think it would be a bad business move.

So here are some of the products which have been the scourge on my subconscious recently and there is soooooo much more I need to fix... most of my categories in that store in fact, but fr today, I feel relieved and it's nearly over. Now I just have to make thumbnails for my categories then the weight will be 100% lifted! Sob story from the perfectionist.

Beautiful Pink Red Butterfly Photo Picture Frame Xbox 360 Controller Decal
Beautiful Pink Red Butterfly Photo Picture Frame Xbox 360 Controller Decal by BeautifulFrames
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