Learning To Optimize My Designs

After long lulls in my sales this year, and upon investigating why, the last couple of days have given me a realization about my product rankings and it was clear to me as I was searching for my photo mugs and realizing they had really sunk in the search that what I am doing isn't working as well as I had hoped. So I get my Problem Solving Ninja on and look over the specs. My titles, tags and descriptions are tight as a drum, they all match, my power tags have the right mix of general and descriptive words and phrases, and the Google search tags fill the gaps nicely. I have made products which serve a purpose rather than products which just sit there and look pretty - you can find pretty mugs and house wares in K-mart, Target, Woolworths, The Reject Shop and Red Dot for up to $5 - so what could I be doing wrong? Could it be that my store and the products in it are fairly new so not many people have had a chance to find them and bring them to the top of the search yet? Could they even be crap and I don't know it yet?! What is the deal? So I'm thinking I need to get even more specific. I've said it before on other posts but this time I have turned talk into action! That lovely heart design I showed you on my last post, I realized it's not just for Valentines Day and names, it could be for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding invitations, save the date, sweet 16 all the way to 100th birthday, so it's time to get in there and start getting specific... with templates so people can play! I'm only just getting started on this track so here are just a few products I have made since last night!

Red Black Swirly Heart Sweet 16 Happy Birthday
Red Black Swirly Heart Sweet 16 Happy Birthday by AllysDesigns
Find another Zazzle Jumbo Cookie

So these are just a few products I have been working on and I'm really hoping I'm on the right track. I will still be making the frame designs and placing them on everything for at least another year, building up my BeautifulFrames store and promoting on Pinterest and Wanelo as it is still new and I may be in for a pleasant surprise in the future, I did sell a Mothers Day mug from that store this morning, the second sale ever from it so maybe this is the start of something new! So until next time peeps, and don't forget to subscribe so you can keep track of what I'm doing. Who knows, you may find it helpful some day, learning from my mistakes and... hopefully soon, my triumphs!


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