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Making Wedding Packs!

I have made some templates for wedding packs which includes wedding favors, invitations, menus, programs, table cards, RSVP postcards and more! The whole idea is that when ladies are looking for their theme they like things to match, well that is how I remember it from when I was getting married 7 years ago.

Making these wedding products has filled me with nostalgia as I realized how much I had forgotten about how much goes into planning one. I did everything from scratch for our wedding as we had little money and it was to be held on my parents beautiful property north of Perth. The only thing we paid someone else to do was the photography (though most of the best, most meaningful pictures came from the guests cameras!) Lots of things had to be done on the day - I made my own bouquets from cheap flowers bought at our local food shop, styled all my bridesmaids hair and applied their make-up, placed the napkins and hired cutlery inside the hand made napkin rings, I made my own centerpi…

Tomorrow Will Be Better...

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I have been on, the black dog has been biting my ass a bit so I have not been motivated to write, only to create some art. I had a couple of dark days so I channeled these moods into my art and set the bad vibes free, in other words, I let them loose on the world in a good way! There is blood though so if you're squeamish then look away and scroll!

Angel Black Wings Tomorrow Will Be Better Dark Poster by AllysDesigns See more This too shall pass Posters
This work relates to fallen friendships and the lies we tell ourselves about who we are, who they are, and who we are together, one on one and as a group. It's all about cutting away at the things which are part of us that aren't good for us and how it's a painful process, but one which makes us more human.
This work was inspired because I lost a whole group of friends last year, no one was kind enough to just let me know what was going on AKA "ripping the band-aid off&quo…