I Think I Broke My Brain

I have been working day and night on my Zazzle store for a good four months now with almost no break on any day. Today there is big biz about how Zazzle is changing their product search system. There is confusion but also a lot of problem solving and support between the Zazzle community. So long story short is if your product hasn't ever sold or if it hasn't had a view in 6 months it is no longer going to be in the search, a customer will still be able to see it in your store if they visit and look through. I personally love this idea as most of my products get views, but many people are scared about how this will affect their sales because indexing takes time.

So today began the fantastical search for products which had terrible tagging, and boy did I find what I was looking for. This iPad case was the first and the worst.

It had the title "fairy". The description was "A beautiful fairy". There were about 20 one word tags, all out of order as when I created this I was new, and power tags had not been invented yet. Still, a lot had to do with noob antics. It was title and tag abuse plain and simple. And so today will forever be known as... The Rectifying. And yes. It was terrifying.

So I spent a good part of the day re-titling, re-describing and re-tagging, and I think my brain may have switched from creative to analytic because since about 2pm, when I finally decided I had seen enough horrible things for one day, I haven't been able to make one damn design!! I tried to make 5 different themes, patterns, designs but I am somehow lacking the ability at this moment. Quite often I start on something and it just turns into something beautiful right before my very eyes, but today out of frustration I went on a deleting rampage. First it was layers, then it was whole new pages, then I just switched my program off all together. It was messy, it didn't go together, it didn't fit, it wasn't right, it was all just so wrong.

I'm really hoping that maybe I had stretched my concentration to its limits to the point where making beautiful images was out of the question. If that's the case then sleep is the answer to this problem and tomorrow is another day! Bring it. I am lost without my creativity. Now its... drum roll please... NEW PRODUCT TIME!! And don't forget to subscribe!!


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    1. It's been one of those days that needs many, many exclamation marks!

  2. There is always something to get in the way of designing , if you let it lol

    1. If only I could post pictures in the comments so I could show you how bad it was lol!


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