Super Productive Day!

Today I have managed quick create about 600 hundred products and it's all because Zazzle seems to be running well today. Uploads are fast! Quick Create isn't jamming up bad after customizing 30 products! I'm getting quicker and am starting to understand QC a lot better! So today has been a really good day in regards to productivity.

I also ran a search of Valentines Day mugs and had a little sneak peak at where they all fall in the pages and every single one is on the first page! I'm super happy!! Now to just get a sale... haha! Yep, still nothing.

I'm also working on an art project for Allys Designs instead of making another photo frame, it's all about intimacy and it's going to be magical, dark, and super hot!

So I will leave you with a recent design as I always do! Have an awesome day and subscribe away!


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