Funny Notepads For Women

I am one of those people who loves owning things which have a funny or sarcastic saying on it so I had people like me in mind when I created my new range of notepads, complete with the most popular design of 2017! So have fun scrolling through some of them, the rest you can see when you click the link at the bottom. Don't forget to subscribe!

For the frustrated housewife who is currently reliving groundhog day, over, and over, and over, and over again, and for the foreseeable future.

This notepad is for anyone who is pretending they know what an adult is and does with their time.

A notepad for the angry organizer.

A notepad which is just for fun!

If you'd like to see them all then please click HERE!

Temporary Mandala Heart Tattoo - Why Temporary Tattoo's Are Great!

Tattoo's are wonderful! They are pieces of someones mind, gently dragged out and forged by ink onto a piece of paper which is one day destined to be painfully but lovingly accepted and invited onto a part of someones body as art, a permanent expression of something a person feels on the inside is amazing, funny or heart felt, it is a piece of that persons identity. For those who wouldn't want to commit to a piece of art for that long, temporary tattoo's are the way to go! Why? Let me count the ways.

Temporary tattoo's are just that, they are temporary, and perfect for those who are not sure if they would like a permanent one or not. For those who are unsure if they would like a permanent tattoo, try a temporary tat out for a few weeks. This gives you time to decide if you want to have one in the area you have placed it. It may turn out that you don't like having one where everyone can see it, you may decide to get the same one in a less conspicuous place, or you ma…

Have You Ever Found A Hidden Skill? Mandala Heart Tattoo.

This year has been so exciting in regard to discovering new artistic abilities. In past posts I have expressed that, to my disappointment, I did not inherit my fathers ability to draw but it was taking me a long time to source images to tweak and change digitally, sometimes they needed to be so exact that I often couldn't find any so I decided I needed to just get on with the tedious and just learn to draw. Well, I frigging surprised myself in the most massive way! It turns out I am just such a perfectionist that it seemed too hard to start, I like to get things right and I like to be good at things now. I drew a couple of flowers which looked like a cross between a kindergartners drawing and bunch of crumpled up plastic bags so I went onto Pinterest for some guidance, best thing I ever did.

Even more interesting is my Nanna on my Mums side can also draw, she is a portrait artist and her work is amazing! The portraits she created for other people left an everlasting impact. She re…

Trendy Women's Teen Girls Boho Arrow Feather Rose iPad Mini Sleeve

Are you looking for something unique that no one else has? Zazzle has a huge range of quality products you can personalize yourself by simply swapping the existing name for your own. You can also change the font, and the colour of the product or background. Click HERE and have a play around!
This trendy iPad mini sleeve is in the style of Boho, one of the hottest styles of 2017. The design features a decorative, pencil drawn arrow with flowers on it, with beads and feathers dangling from it.

Women's Beautiful Birthday Party Supplies

I have recently opened a new Zazzle store in the last few months called The Birthday Hub and dedicated it to women's beautiful birthday party supplies! There are many different themes to choose from such as sparkly diamonds, tropical paradise or Hawaiian, roses and more, each with feminine patterns and colors. All of the products in my store are changeable, so if it says it's for a 30th birthday but you need it for a 40th you can change it, these are for women of all ages. You can also change the color of the background for many of them.

There are all sorts of party supplies here, there are the essentials you need such as paper plates, paper napkins and disposable coasters, there are yummy treats such as cookies, cake pops and brownies for the party guests which add that final finishing touch to your party. There are also some gifts and party favors for your guests such as wine charms and can coolers or stubby holders.

Beautiful Birthday Supplies
by Laugh Out Loud LOL

Please do…

Women's 30th Birthday Party Supplies

Having a 30th birthday party is a big deal! It marks the end of your 20's, a time of trying new things, learning who you are and how you fit into the world, into a time where you are wiser and more comfortable about who you are in general. So if you're a lady looking for birthday party essentials, such as paper plates, tissue napkins, disposable paper coasters, table cards and table card holders and much more, that are not only color co-ordinated and matching, but girly and swirly, simply click on any of the pictures below to have a good look through all the party goods.

Pink White 30th
by Laugh Out Loud LOL

Included in this collection you will find wine charms which come in a pack of four. These are great for buying in bulk to give to your guests as a keepsake.

Women's 30th Birthday Pink White Black Swirly Wine Glass Charms by TheBirthdayHub
Find other Women's Wine Charms at

There are clever treats such as brownies, cake pops and cookies which come by the doz…

A Coffee Or Tea Mug For A Friend As A Birthday Or Christmas Gift

Friends are awesome! They come quiet and loud, some you go out with for coffee, some you'll go out with for a drink, some you'll hang out at home with, some are funny friends, and some are gentle healers. Friends always try to keep you up when you are feeling good or try to pick you up if you're feeling a bit down. Friendship is a two way street where you both support each other in good times and in bad. No matter what kind of friend you have you want to give them the right gift so I have a selection of mugs and beer mugs you may like to give your friend as a Christmas or birthday gift.

Beautiful Friend Friendship Black Red Elegant 16 Oz Frosted Glass Beer Mug by AllysDesigns
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Thank You For All The Coffee's Friend Red Hearts Classic White Coffee Mug by AllysDesigns
Create unique photo mugs online at

Beautiful Friend Friendship Black Swirly Elegant Classic White Coffee Mug by AllysDesigns
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