Getting The Mojo Back!

Yesterday while chatting with my husband about something entirely different I had this feeling, like it was time to create! It's like an urge or a craving, and no, it wasn't because I was finding the conversation (or my husband) boring or irritating haha!

It doesn't come around often, I usually have to search for it and then force it out of hiding, like a raccoon which is in the roof but which is reluctant to come out, but maybe for food. When it does show up I find I'm more intuitive when it comes to shadowing and adding things which sets the rest of my art perfectly with every other aspect, and the works I create come easily and are of the the kind of quality which stands out from the rest of my work.

I have also been pinning a lot, mostly other peoples work but some of my own, hopefully by doing both I can get two income streams coming in, but it's early days yet. It would be really nice if they both pan out, I'd still be happy if even one became wildly successful! What I am surprised about is how little people describe their work. They probably put hours into this gorgeous throw pillow, or mug, or note pad yet they just pin it with almost no description of the beauty which emanates from its every fiber! I am happy I have a very descriptive imagination and am able to help people out by bringing a product to life with words, and hopefully this can land the talented creators a sale and small commission for me too. So if I happen to pin your product, have a look and see what others may find so beautiful about your design! I do need to start adding more of my products to the "Show Me" forum so I can get more products to show up in the Google search, I almost always get a few sales after doing this so there's a helpful tip for you all!

So here is my new design on a few Zazzle products, and yep, that's right, it's hearts again. I like hearts. A lot.

So go forth! Create! Pin! Do whatever it is that floats your boat! And don't forget to subscribe!


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