Captains Log: It has been 6 days since my last sale...

For those who don't know me very well I must inform you that I am a creature of pleasure and habit so the first thing I do when I wake up is boil the kettle, make myself a coffee, grab my laptop and then go outside for my cigarette. One thing I have not found very pleasurable about my mornings this past week is every time I look at my earnings they HAVE NOT CHANGED. This is strange as before Zazzles Christmas Season I was making at least 4 sales a week if not one or two a day. I'm not sure but it could be because I have been working overtime on my new store and not paying much attention to my art based store called Allys Designs.
So balance comes into question, the freshness of one store drops as I'm waiting for the new stores products to crawl up the index leaving a gap in the sales. Or it could be that every ones wallet is recovering after Christmas, or people are buying in the shops because the big sales are on. Whatever is going on right now is the stuff that self doubt is made of! You start questioning your tags and descriptions, your designs, your decisions as a designer! And it's all because of something that is probably out of your control for now.

On the plus side I finally figured out what was going on with Pinterest yesterday, and it wasn't a glitch, it was just me being a noob as per usual! I have also been able to see some really beautiful Zazzle art on Pinterest which I have been able to re-pin, and some of those people have re-pinned some of my products in return, I really love networking! I never thought I would but I love it! It has felt very warm and rewarding to be able to help others and then to be on the receiving end.

Now to leave you with a new design I have been working on! More colors are to come and please Subscribe!


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