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Birthday Presents And Christmas Gifts For Your Best Friend

I'm one of the lucky ones, I have a best friend. Not everyone gets one and psychologists say you should always aim to have a good group of friends, that having a best friend is not only rare, but highly romanticized and over rated, I can tell you that it is not. I have a gorgeous group of friends and they are wonderful, we connect, we laugh, we can be honest with each other about all sorts of things, good and bad, we have a lot of fun and I know I can call or text them on a bad day and they know they can do the same. But my Bestie and I have something completely different going on, there is just something really comfortable and familiar about her, we have the same sense of humor, we have the same ethics and morals, it's like we live in the same bubble and I personally believe she is one of the most selfless and giving of all people, I have a lot of respect for her and how she lives her life.

First of all, she is a support worker for people who have disabilities such as Asperge…

Sarcasm Is My Favorite Kind Of Humor

I have always enjoyed a little bit of sarcasm and dry humor, a lot of people are highly offended by it and some even consider sarcasm a low form of humor, many people can't do it well and most people don't really know what it is and confuse it with just plain humor, but when it is done right, sarcasm can be one of the most joyful of monotone experiences, expanding your mind to new dimensions so I have included a few really funny mugs which are sarcastic or about sarcasm in this blog. Enjoy!

Funny Hilarious Sarcasm Sarcastic People Shine Classic White Coffee Mug by Laugh_Your_Ass_off
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Funny Hilarious Why Waste Sarcastic Opportunity Classic White Coffee Mug by Laugh_Your_Ass_off
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Funny Hilarious Fluent English Sarcasm Profanity Classic White Coffee Mug by Laugh…

Addicted To Coffee

I remember my first ever coffee. I was 13 and my parents had gone to church, I decided to stay home and clean the whole house instead of go to church, or as I fondly called it, the place where fun goes to die. The very fact that I willingly stayed home knowing I had to clean the house from top to toe while they were gone says it all. They were nice, those church people, but no kid my age wants to sing music from 1 year ago let alone 100, or sit and listen to someone talk about some jibber jabber I haven't had to worry about yet in my whole 13 years of existence, for an hour of my life I was never going to get back.

I wasn't allowed to have coffee yet so I decided while my parents weren't home I was going to be naughty, boil the kettle and make one for myself to try so I treated the granulated coffee like chocolate powder - two teaspoons right? No, better make that three. My step dad liked one, but I was somehow sure I needed three. My step dad liked one sugar, but I was go…

Revamping My Funny Mugs

I noticed I haven't been selling one particular mug which used to sell every few days so I jumped onto search and typed in "funny mug". My best selling mug is no longer number three on the first page. In fact, it's not even on the first three pages! And to be honest, I was expecting this, it has been a long time coming. This mug was from the early days, it was just a phrase written in smallish, folio font, waiting for customers to come and change the font size and style. It was a very plain looking mug in a sea of funnier, bolder, brighter mugs and funnier and fancier adaptions of it are now in its place. I was amazed it lasted for so long! These are the advantages of getting there first on Zazzle. So, now it's over for this funny mug I have decided to re-do most of my mugs because they are in my first store, they are all in Folio font and they are all plain. Different mugs sell here and there from time to time so I know they must be funny but they need to look n…