I'm Bogged And Feeling Very ADD

The last few days I have been finding it very difficult to do one thing at once and this has been very counter productive. Since Zazzle has announced they are changing the way our products appear in the search I haven't been able to create, I have been going into my stores changing my titles, descriptions and tags and then "ooh look, somethings happening on Pinterest!" I jump on, look at my feed, see who's following me, follow them, see something beautiful and pin it, this seems simple enough but then I realize I have to add my source code and, since a lot of people don't add much else, I realize if it's going to get noticed, ever, I need to add a detailed description in a way in which the potential customer can imagine themselves having this product for themselves and that takes time. Then I worry that I'm not creating, then I think about how I need to make the products I already have in my shop more specific. So I have too much going on in my mind! I am trying to think "Right, pick ONE thing to do today and stick to it." So I want to create, and it has to have room for a picture and text, but first I have to see how other Zazzle people make both these things possible on their products, so I go and search for "1st Birthday", and personalize Valentines Day. Then I realize I still haven't done my square templates for my last design so I should put those up for sale before time runs out. The there's that whole, "Should I design or should I become and affiliate?" question roaming around in my mind.... So it has been a 1 step forward, 2 steps back kind of a week!

I think I just have a lot to do and don't know where to start. One thing at a time until I have got my shit together I think! Maybe I need to make a crazy ass, chaotic design to get it out of my system. So crazy, not even I will know what it is, I might leave it up to my potential customers to figure out lol!

So I leave you with a couple of my older products from my Zazzle store Allys Designs!

Grunge Heart Wings Pink Damask Messenger Bag Commuter Bags
Grunge Heart Wings Pink Damask Messenger Bag Commuter Bags by AllysDesigns
Browse Zazzle for a different Rickshaw messenger bag.

Wishing you all an easier time than what I'm having at the moment! Please subscribe!


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