Getting Back To My Artistic Roots

It's been too long since I created something which I considered really beautiful, an art piece, something which deserved to go into my Allys Designs store so yesterday in my last post I told you I was working on something  intimate, magical and dark. This design is all about love, intimacy, seduction and lust, a perfect Valentines Day work of art! So as I added the last finishing touch this morning, zoomed in and looked it over, then zoomed out I had one of those "OMG, it's beautiful, it's genius, it's pure emotion...." moments. So here it is on an iPad case! Two people overcome with passion, love and complete trust for one another as they intertwine.

Passion Love Intimacy Sparkles Valentines Day
Passion Love Intimacy Sparkles Valentines Day by AllysDesigns
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Sure! I love making my frames, they serve a purpose in the Zazzle market place which is somewhere nice for a customer to place their favorite photo of their loved ones, and I do finish up and say "That's pretty!" upon completion but I do love creating situations in my art. I usually create images which I strive to cultivate in my own personal life, for example, I have also added an image below which I created when my family was experiencing a crisis and I felt as though I needed emotional protection, reassurance and strength. I ended up finding it in myself and found a strength I never thought I had and I believe I was in the process of finding the strong, protective angel inside.

Angel Man Protecting Woman From Storm iPad Case
Angel Man Protecting Woman From Storm iPad Case by AllysDesigns
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So here is the end of my post, I hope you all have a most excellent day, and do subscribe! This isn't just a blog about Zazzle products, it's a blog about my journey too!


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