Indecisive me!

One thing you've probably noticed about me is I have plenty of passion! I'm all in or all out...then all in again. So in the last blog I believe I said I was through with Templates, well now templates are back on haha! I have done a bit of problem solving and this mad scientist has a new formula so to speak. I'm now onto making just large square images. I have been able to make them so they fit everything as long as everything is precisely centered and made them into templates so I can keep ploughing on. I have realized I will still need to go back and change the descriptions for each one and a couple of the tags so that Google knows what products I'm talking about, hopefully that will make it easier for people to find my stuff, and again, I will also still need to add more when I pin on pinterest but it's easier just to make what I need in bulk and go back in and change it. There are still some older ones which I need to go back and adjust, I was pretty lazy with my quick create, just saying what the image had on it, like pink butterflies or swirly red hearts etc, now I will go back to what I used to do and add the actual product and the occasions it can be used for in the description and in some of the Google tags. I always got good views on products I had methodically described and tagged.

So here is my latest design on a mug! I am currently waiting on my "quickly created" products to show so I leave you with the mug I made so I had a title, description and tag to work with for QC. I'm still loving my customizables!

I might add that trying to work with peacock feathers on photo manipulation programs often fills me with murderous rage as it's really hard to try and turn a photographic image into something which doesn't look like a badly done pop/mixed media art design, and believe me, if i could draw something that resembles a peacock feather and not a fresh turd floating around in the toilet I would have had that down by now but because I am tragically challenged and disadvantaged with the whole hand drawing deal, sometimes I need to find domain images on the web and work with them. So this is what I came up with! Enjoy and do subscribe!


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