My Zazzle Stumbling Block

While creating my designs I always worry that there's something more fancy, I always worry that I'm not on the right track and that I need to add more detail like for example, maybe I should be making more "30th Wedding Anniversary" designs or "Happy Mothers Day" designs or "It's a boy/girl" designs. I like the idea of making products where people can slap a picture of themselves and their best friend, child, wedding day, partner on a product, or even just their name but I'm not sure it's enough just to do that. So in the coming months I'm going to be adding different occasions just to see if things pick up! I also tend to LOVE a design I made, I make it in different colours then by the end of posting them all up for sale I have picked it to pieces, it's a typical perfectionist trait! One day I will be at peace about the decisions I have made in my designing adventure and I know I will get better at what I do as time goes on, but for now, I look at other peoples work and wonder how they managed to get the ideas they get and the skills and insight they have acquired. I have to remind myself that they are themselves with their own ideas and I am me with mine, and that there are people out there who will like my style better compared to the ones I look at and want to aspire to. So in the spirit of my most recent design which I have picked apart... enjoy! And don't forget to subscribe to my blog!


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