The Brick Wall - Quitting Smoking And trying To Design Like Nothing Is Going On

So five days ago I quit smoking, cold turkey from my pack a day habit, and things are going really well! Every time I feel the urge to go outside and pollute the air I avoid thinking about it and block it from my mind. The house is spotless because I'm trying to keep busy, I'm not overly grouchy which is a freaking miracle! There's just one thing I'm having trouble with - my concentration is shot. I know what I want to design, I get started and then I lose my way. I don't even know how it happens, I just forget what the big picture is! Eventually I managed to pull an image together and I'm so glad I didn't give up and decide it was going to be too hard today because this image turned out to be very beautiful and I'm really happy with it! You can see the hearts image below. In the mean time I have been reading this HILARIOUS blog page about quitting smoking, I just  can't get enough of it! It is all so insanely true and he holds nothing, and I mean nothing back.

So I'm getting off track :P I'm still learning about Quick Create. One of my favorite templates has a mix of birthday, Christmas, monogram, wedding and inspirational text, same image just different texts, it is this way not because I had a plan to methodically theme each product and split them later, oh no no no, I blundered my way through a template category as I was making it. On impulse I decided a monogram goes well on an iPad sleeve, but not so well on a set of four cloth napkins, that is more for a wedding or engagement gift. And of course I made and posted the whole category at once. The first time I finished the first full batch, when I was done and they had arrived in my back end it was like "BANG! There are 100 new products, now go and fix them all because 90% of them don't match up with Titles, Descriptions and Tags." So since then I have been using the same template but picking a theme and deleting the rest each time until the whole category is done. That way all the specs match up and I don't have to go back and do a massive overhaul, which takes days by the way, and which will not happen again because it costs time designing and posting new designs for sale, that and and deleting it all and starting again would have taken a couple of hours not a couple of days - I'm looking forward to having my problem solving abilities (and brain) back once my body stops not liking extra oxygen and being detoxed from nicotine. So I'm still learning, I don't think that will ever stop, if there is a blunder I will find it but at least I learn once and forever!

So here are a few designs I have been working on this week, enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!!


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