I'm Baaaack!

I haven't had time to post in the last few days as I've had a rent inspection clean to attend to, and between three boys and a husband who are like tornadoes inside the home and especially with my middle child who loves lego (all over the house), my youngest son discovering he loves to dig the dirt out of the garden beds and get himself black from head to toe then make a trail of black marks on the way to the shower, the big clean and trying to maintain the big clean, trying to design and add images to Zazzle and play with the titles tags and descriptions, things have been non stop around here and I have neglected my blog. So I'm happy to say the rent inspection is now over, and the result? Perfect!

So working with the square templates has been blissful! Everything fits where it is supposed to fit and it's really just a matter of uploading my images onto quick create and then off I go! So here are a couple of designs I have worked on the last couple of days.

More to follow! Please do subscribe and see what I'm doing next!


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