New Zazzle Earning Record For The Day!

Usually, I make a little bit here and a little bit there on Zazzle, a magnet here, a mug there, just enough to keep me encouraged and enough to notice I am making a little more each month than I did the last as I add more designs to all the products. Well a couple of weeks ago while trying a new angle on titles, tags and descriptions I thought maybe I needed to cut down on the amount and type of products I post on because at this point I have been overwhelmed with needing to change them all to suit the product, the target audience and the occasion. I wasn't sure if all this extra work was going to pay off when I could be adding hundreds of new products. I'm so glad I didn't do a cull because when I looked at my earnings this morning I had made $28 commission on a couple of packs of personalized napkins I had made in the last week, and it was one of the products I was considering culling in the name of laziness! I had also sold a couple of mugs as the day went on. So the most I had ever made in a day (not counting the Christmas season) was $23.48, today I had made an awesome $45.74! I have also had so many more views on new products than anything I have ever seen before, and all of my newer products have made their way from the third pages to the first.

So I'm hoping this is the result of hard work, focus and creative and descriptive writing - thinking outside the box when it comes to keywords and descriptions, and it's really encouraging to see all this hard work pay off. So maybe the key for me isn't trying to get hundreds of thousands of products with half functioning keywords into my stores and hoping they will eventually crawl up the search, because my art isn't like most peoples work anyway, my work takes time and it's dark and beautiful for the most part with rich colors and textures. I love black! I love red! I love pink! I love gold! I love passion! I love dramatically feminine, masculine and provocative social situations and themes! And if I haven't used black I have used bright, neon colors that are eye drawing, which stick out and can't help but be noticed, and this is all what I have been trying to capture in a title, in a description, in my tags, but you only have so many words to work with which really count when products are new.

So here are a few of my products and please subscribe so you can see what I'm up to!


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