Spoonflower Vs Zazzle Fabric

You may not know yet but I am super excited to let you all know that Zazzle is now selling FABRIC!!! I am super excited because about a year ago I was making pram liners, I often couldn't find what the customers requested in the local shops so I began thinking about designing my own fabric to make the liners with as well as selling them on eBay and Etsy, and being able to sell on the site would have been ideal as well. So off I went on a quest to find this magical place where I would be able to place my designs up for sale and buy as well as sell my fabric and make beautiful pram liners. I found Spoonflower, and it was the only place which did all these things which I needed. So I jumped on the band wagon made an account! I soon found it wasn't going to be easy to just place an image up for sale, there were a few hoops I had to jump through to get my designs up for sale.

You can make a Spoonflower account - easy! You can upload an image and see it on the fabric - easy! You can post it for sale... but you have to pay to play. Now I get that Spoonflower wants to make sure you are making good designs, the right size, the right colors and so forth, but at the same time I feel like it is a waste of time on both our parts. When I bought 5 swatches (before I knew I could get a whole sheet for so much less and this was not made apparent to me at all at any time before or during my transaction) it cost me $5.00 per swatch plus $2 postage, I bought 5 swatches because I wanted to get as many as I could afford at the time, it cost me $27.00 all up. As I paid I wondered if I was going to see that money again in commission with the designs I would post up, I was also thinking that $5.00 was pretty steep for an 8x8 inch swatch. I also thought that if none of my designs sold that they just made an easy one time $24.00 (minus the probable cost of their wholesale bought fabric and dye used), and if I didn't like my swatches or if they looked hideous that they just made that money for something they could have done themselves if they would take the time to care about quality control. It would also be easy to place a hideous, pixelated, blurry image up for sale regardless. I thought I should still take the chance and paid. ONE MONTH LATER the swatches rocked up in my letter box. The fabrics and the designs looked wonderful! But something in the back of my mind just was not sitting well with me, the payment and the long wait. I had also in that month accepted that my fabrics had been lost in the post and I had then moved onto something else. It also wasn't good business sense to me if my customers had to wait a month to have their pram liner made. It just wasn't a good match.

With Zazzle you could post 500 fabrics up for sale in one day if you wanted, you can set your commission and you can do it for free! You can even customize and add to your fabric on Zazzle. I don't know how long it would take to have it shipped but I have bought a couple of things here and there from Zazzle and the longest I have ever had to wait is one week, and I'm in Australia. Some issues still remain, you could still receive a hideous piece of fabric with blurring or pixelation if someone hadn't gone over their image properly before posting, that will always be a problem on Print On Demand sites, and Zazzle also doesn't watch for its own quality control. Shipping can also be very expensive with Zazzle so it probably wouldn't be worth it to buy the fabrics for on-selling unless you get it on sale and buy 3 or more yards as the shipping works out to be less per yard when you buy more. Spoonflower also offers a wider range of fabrics. They have the minky fabric which is very nice and the stretchy polyester fabric which is super soft. And even though I'm sure there are people on Spoonflower who make money either selling their designs through the site or from buying it and cutting it into fat quarters to sell on eBay and Etsy, paying to post is just not my thing. Kudos to those of you who are patient enough and enjoy what they do through Spoonflower. It's not easy trying to make a living from being an artist and if you love what you do on Spoonflower and they're a good fit for you then that is awesome!

Here is a boys space fabric, click to have a look at other fabrics!
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  1. Have you gotten any feedback on the quality of the fabric print? I had some dishtowels printed by Zazzle and was disappointed with the color, it was very faded from the start. Luckily they refunded my money and I didn't even have to send them back!

  2. Have you gotten any feedback on the quality of the fabric print? I had some dishtowels printed by Zazzle and was disappointed with the color, it was very faded from the start. Luckily they refunded my money and I didn't even have to send them back!

  3. Hi Nina! Out of 20 reviews Zazzle has received a 4.7 rating. A couple of people have said their computer screen showed it as being more vibrant than what it actually was and a couple have complained about muted colours, however, everyone else said it was perfect and exactly what they wanted when they received it! If you would like to see all of the reviews you can click on a fabric product and at the bottom of the page there are reviews :) I hope this helps!


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