Accidentally Funny (To Me)

So sometimes while I'm making a Zazzle product I occasionally come across something which can, in my eyes, have a double meaning in a comedic sense, and today I made something which I will share with you on this very blog.

Now to the na├»ve, one of these Jelly Belly Candy Tins just looks like they may have a bunch of tasty jellybean treats in them, it may even look like a great place to store your medication once you have indulged. That is unless you have at some point in your life hung out with, or have known of, that one friend who keeps their "party starters" or "chillaxers" in a cute little tin. So here is the tin.

This tin reminds me of cocaine.

I hope you had a good laugh! If this didn't tickle your funny bone then who am I to tell you to remove the stick? Subscribe to my blog and have a fantastic day everyone!


  1. How naughty!! I hope it's only used for jelly beans :)

    1. I have tagged it with Christmas tags so I think we'll be safe!


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