Affordable Christmas Gifts For Family And Friends

Christmas time can be a stressful time of the year as you start to think about what to buy friends and family members for Christmas. My favourite go to gift is a lotto ticket, or a funny mug for the men and extravagant looking skin care packs (from K-Mart) for the ladies. Well, there is one cherished family member who is tired of getting mugs. My Mum and stepdads cupboard is almost unable to close completely because over the year he has gotten one at least once a year. If he ever has a moment of doubt that he is a good father or pop, all he has to do is open that cupboard!

The problem is money. I have three boys who I have to Christmas shop for every year, the oldest two have developed some expensive taste over the last couple of years and although I like to indulge them they can't have everything they want. I also look back on the one Christmas a few years ago where there were four days to go until Christmas and I had just $50 to split between them all for presents because the bills just kept on coming that month, and they were big! Funny enough, it ended up being the best Christmas we ever had because we packed a picnic and spent it at the beach. We got lots of beautiful photos that day and it was a day spent together, not a day spent playing with new things.

So for anyone who struggles to pay for Christmas presents there are a few options. Buy a lotto ticket with one game and pop it in a card. If you are after a more personal gift you can buy one of these magnets which cost around $4.70 and even less with a sale on, you can replace the existing image with your favourite family photo and send it to friends and family members.

For that special person in your family who loves fizzy drinks or alcoholic beverages there is this gorgeous can cooler (also known as a stubby holder in Australia). These cost around $7.75 but, again, around this time of the year there are always sales happening and you'll very likely get it for less than that. You can personalize it further by adding the recipients name, or a personal message, or Christmas cheer on the back of this can cooler at no extra cost!

If you're more of a crafty person like my Nanna who likes to make their own Christmas gifts such as jam from the from the fruit of her own trees, or of you like to make pickled goodies or skin care products then you may like to purchase these labels to stick on the jars to give as gifts for Christmas. It will give your gifts that special finishing touch by giving it some Holiday cheer! All you need to do is personalize them by changing the family surname to your own, you can even add more detail about the gift! For a sheet of four stickers it costs around $7.25, again, get in while the sales are going and you'll get them for less.

You can find wonderful, personalized gifts which will be loved and appreciated for under $10 at Zazzle, and it is very hard to get a personalized gift which suits someone's personality and taste from a retail outlet at that price, you can certainly find something unique and special on Zazzle.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and if you like what you see here subscribe to my blog!


  1. Great saving ideas! And so funny about your poor stepdad and all those mugs or should I say very fortunate to have a cupboard full of love :) I think personalized gifts genuinely are a great idea for inexpensive gifts because they make great keepsakes.

    1. Thanks Leah! And I agree 100%. Zazzle is a wonderful place to buy for family, you can personalize anything and there are so many designs that there would be a perfect gift for every person you could ever imagine.


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