A Coffee Or Tea Mug For A Friend As A Birthday Or Christmas Gift

Friends are awesome! They come quiet and loud, some you go out with for coffee, some you'll go out with for a drink, some you'll hang out at home with, some are funny friends, and some are gentle healers. Friends always try to keep you up when you are feeling good or try to pick you up if you're feeling a bit down. Friendship is a two way street where you both support each other in good times and in bad. No matter what kind of friend you have you want to give them the right gift so I have a selection of mugs and beer mugs you may like to give your friend as a Christmas or birthday gift.

Get personalised big mugs at zazzle.com

Just click on one of the pictures to get a closer look, and 'tis the Christmas period so you may very likely get this on sale in the next month. Subscribe for more awesome blogness, they're not all promotional.


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