Have You Ever Found A Hidden Skill? Mandala Heart Tattoo.

This year has been so exciting in regard to discovering new artistic abilities. In past posts I have expressed that, to my disappointment, I did not inherit my fathers ability to draw but it was taking me a long time to source images to tweak and change digitally, sometimes they needed to be so exact that I often couldn't find any so I decided I needed to just get on with the tedious and just learn to draw. Well, I frigging surprised myself in the most massive way! It turns out I am just such a perfectionist that it seemed too hard to start, I like to get things right and I like to be good at things now. I drew a couple of flowers which looked like a cross between a kindergartners drawing and bunch of crumpled up plastic bags so I went onto Pinterest for some guidance, best thing I ever did.

Even more interesting is my Nanna on my Mums side can also draw, she is a portrait artist and her work is amazing! The portraits she created for other people left an everlasting impact. She really finds the kindness or intelligence in ones eyes, or the confidence in ones shoulders, or the fun, wild and joy in a child's face, this was also terrifying because, in my mind, she may as well be a mind reader. She can also draw animals beautifully. She created a picture of five birds all sitting together on a branch, and they are all doing their own thing. They are not just a bunch of birds on a branch which I often see in art, they are birds who are their own beings, interacting but being themselves. I feel honored to have such a fantastic artists support and guidance.

So here is a temporary tattoo I have created with one of my drawings. Click HERE to view it.

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I'm still amazed when I create something I consider beautiful, only because I can't believe I have put off finding this skill for so long, I'm still getting used to being not being crap at drawing stick figures. Is there any special skill you have which you didn't know you had? Please comment below!


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