Temporary Mandala Heart Tattoo - Why Temporary Tattoo's Are Great!

Tattoo's are wonderful! They are pieces of someones mind, gently dragged out and forged by ink onto a piece of paper which is one day destined to be painfully but lovingly accepted and invited onto a part of someones body as art, a permanent expression of something a person feels on the inside is amazing, funny or heart felt, it is a piece of that persons identity. For those who wouldn't want to commit to a piece of art for that long, temporary tattoo's are the way to go! Why? Let me count the ways.

Temporary tattoo's are just that, they are temporary, and perfect for those who are not sure if they would like a permanent one or not. For those who are unsure if they would like a permanent tattoo, try a temporary tat out for a few weeks. This gives you time to decide if you want to have one in the area you have placed it. It may turn out that you don't like having one where everyone can see it, you may decide to get the same one in a less conspicuous place, or you may decide that marked skin is not your style at all.

Temporary tats can also be used for special occasions such as a dress up party, a special birthday party as a gift for someone you know is going to turn the big 4-0 to wear on the night, or you may find something cool to wear for Halloween.

Temporary tattoo's are good for those who have an ever changing sense of style, today you may be a punk rock chick, next week you may be a bohemian hippy. Temporary tattoos can be a great addition without all the pesky commitment to stick with just one personality while you try to find your real one.

Perhaps you are an impulsive person and you would like a tattoo but are unsure if that image or theme is a good idea for you, maybe you can impulsively buy a temporary tattoo today and if you like it, you can spend your time and money on one which has been well though out by both you and your chosen tattoo artist (tip: shop around, find someone who understands and specifically draws your style and comes highly recommended).

Whatever your reason for getting one they are a lot of fun! The temporary tattoo below is of a mandala heart which I drew myself. There are a lot of other temporary tattoo's on Zazzle so do follow the link, jump on, have a look and type in a fun, beautiful or inspiring keyword which interests you. Have fun!

Beautiful mandala heart temporary tattoo


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