Valentines Day Is Looming...

Like everyone else who owns a Zazzle store, there are a few things which I intensely dislike making, they are the products you make only for the money and not for the joy. For me this is holiday themed everything, and that is very unfortunate for me because you simply cannot skip creating for the holidays - lucky I am a perfectionist! So about a couple of months before a holiday is coming I will throw out a few designs related to it. Christmas is over, what next? Why Valentines Day of course! Now my husband and I don't even celebrate it. When we first started dating we half assed it, we gave each other a card and some choccies with a note saying "I'll love you forever... yadda yadda yadda..." Since then we just haven't swapped any gifts, we just don't feel that special Valentines Day vibe! We are each others best friend, we tell each other we love one another every day, we hug every day, we peck on the cheek or lips every day, we sometimes have our disagreements but we don't put each other down or call each other names, we get it all out, sort it all out and then move it along, but we give each other everything we need that most couples save for Valentines Day, and that is also OK! Some couples are just like me and my husband and enjoy putting that extra effort in on Valentines day and that is awesome! We just don't feel it.

So here are few designs that I have made for this upcoming Valentines day! These are just the mugs but they are on most of Zazzles products - pillows, serving trays, tablet cases and much more!

Black Red Gold Stripes Hearts Valentines Day Photo Mug
Black Red Gold Stripes Hearts Valentines Day Photo Mug by BeautifulFrames
Design your own personal coffee mugs online at Zazzle.

So to all of you who enjoy, celebrate and love fiercely on Valentines Day, I wish you and your partner a very romantic and special day! To those who don't celebrate, carry on as per usual and I wish you an awesomely average day. Please don't forget to subscribe to my blog to see more!


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