Slow Zazzle Upload

So today Zazzle is uploading at a very slow speed. It's taking about 45 minutes to upload a 45 meg file. I feel like I'm stuck bumper to bumper in a traffic jam, I have 9 more images to upload and I'm just hoping to god it doesn't take all day just to upload my images. I have finished my designs while waiting and I can make products while I'm waiting for for the others to upload but it's just this first one I need to wait for, and it is taking FOREVER. I like it when things are fast and efficient, I like the feeling of accomplishment when I have finished my Quick Create session and am getting the next template ready to go and I was really hoping I could slam out 200 products today but we'll just have to wait and see. I have to look at the silver lining on this one though, I find that when something isn't running smoothly it seems to be the universes way of telling "This will be worth it, this one is going to be successful." This has been the case throughout my life in whatever I do! So here is a design I have been working on today, it is on another Valentines Day mug and I think it turned out pretty well. As I said in the last post, holidays and occasions are not my favourite thing to do but I still get that feeling of accomplishment at the end no matter what I do. So here it is!

Valentines Day Heart Flower Frame Picture Photo Coffee Mug
Valentines Day Heart Flower Frame Picture Photo Coffee Mug by BeautifulFrames
Personalize coffee mugs at Zazzle

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