Funny Notepads For Women

I am one of those people who loves owning things which have a funny or sarcastic saying on it so I had people like me in mind when I created my new range of notepads, complete with the most popular design of 2017! So have fun scrolling through some of them, the rest you can see when you click the link at the bottom. Don't forget to subscribe!

For the frustrated housewife who is currently reliving groundhog day, over, and over, and over, and over again, and for the foreseeable future.

this funny notepad is for women who are reliving their lives like groundhog day.

This notepad is for anyone who is pretending they know what an adult is and does with their time.

This funny notepad is women who are good at pretending they are good at adulting.

A notepad for the angry organizer.

This notepad is supposed to have people doing a double take when they realize it says "People To Assassinate".

A notepad which is just for fun!

Write your important stuff on this funny and ironic notepad which says "Useless information."

If you'd like to see them all then please click HERE!


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