Revamping My Funny Mugs

I noticed I haven't been selling one particular mug which used to sell every few days so I jumped onto search and typed in "funny mug". My best selling mug is no longer number three on the first page. In fact, it's not even on the first three pages! And to be honest, I was expecting this, it has been a long time coming. This mug was from the early days, it was just a phrase written in smallish, folio font, waiting for customers to come and change the font size and style. It was a very plain looking mug in a sea of funnier, bolder, brighter mugs and funnier and fancier adaptions of it are now in its place. I was amazed it lasted for so long! These are the advantages of getting there first on Zazzle. So, now it's over for this funny mug I have decided to re-do most of my mugs because they are in my first store, they are all in Folio font and they are all plain. Different mugs sell here and there from time to time so I know they must be funny but they need to look nicer. So here is one of the mugs I have changed, this is the new style I am changing all my mugs to at the moment, I also have a few new ones up which are just as funny as the old ones.

This is one I did about a year ago but it never caught on, I think the colors were just too damn bright!

And here are some of my new funny mugs.

Funny Hilarious Dear Karma I Have A List Classic White Coffee Mug
Funny Hilarious Dear Karma I Have A List Classic White Coffee Mug by Laugh_Your_Ass_off
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