Motocross Dirt Bike Fun And Madness!

I have three boys. There are no sparkles in this house. There are, however, plenty of gaming console controllers on the coffee table, black grease marks on the walls and deadly, slippery sand on the tiled floors. My furniture is scratched and well worn from the climbing, driving and defending of turf as the hero verses the villain. Foot stabbing Lego, fast red cars, savage, prehistoric looking dinosaurs and a large selection of smirking action figures lay strewn across the floor. This house is full of noise, full of laughter, full of imagination, yelling, boisterous, sometimes obnoxious noise which bounces off the tiles and around the walls in the room. This is my home and theirs, and when my boys begin to go out and lead their own lives and then eventually leave the nest, the stillness and the quiet will be so very loud. It will be the sound of sadness, but also the sound of joy as they live their lives their own way.

One of the loudest hobbies belongs to that of my oldest son who is about to turn 12. He thinks about it all day, he dreams about it all night, he gets excited when he sees it on the T.V. and when he gets to ride he will stay on all day if given the chance. He just lives and breathes dirt bikes. He loves to ride, he can skillfully drift and slide around the fire break and jumps on and over the jumps he built, and to him it isn't just a hobby, to him it is his first love. Second in line for him are the classic cars. Kingswoods, old Holdens and Fords, his dream is to restore a classic car one day.

Now I don't know much about cars. I'm a woman but I'm not the kind of woman who enjoys cars. My dream car is one which runs well, gets me from A to B without any lights coming up on the dash and one which needs no big expensive repair jobs. End of story. It is not my passion. I really like to sew quilts. But what I am most passionate about is seeing my boys happy and this often leaks into my imagination and as an artist I often feel compelled to express these things so here are a couple of Zazzle products I whipped up while thinking about my boys happiness. So enjoy and once you have finished looking don't forget to subscribe!


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