Sweet Little Notes Here And There

Growing up I had the amazing privilege of watching how my parents, who are still together now, expressed their love to one another. My Step Dad, always the romantic, would sometimes nip outside, snip a rose off the bush and bring it inside to give to Mum. He'd write her hilarious poems, when her hormones changed and her face got a little fuzzier he began to call her his peach and they laughed, he got her and she got him. Their gift to each other was laughter and friendship. What I remember most is a yellow post it note which would be left somewhere obvious with something really lovely about Mums beautiful red hair or something small my Step Dad noticed which he though was beautiful or soulful about her. Sometimes Mum would play a trick on him, she would write "I love you!" and then place it inside his sandwich, and it would lie in wait until lunch break with all of his other colleagues, luckily this was a rare occasion as my Step Dad didn't believe that this was how you play the game and was a little embarrassed but mostly happy she though of him. So here is an inspired note pad and dry erase board (or whiteboard in Aus). I call it the Marriage Helper! Who doesn't like to be told why they are cherished and adored? So here it is!

Red Swirly Heart Anniversary Marriage Helper Dry Erase Board
Red Swirly Heart Anniversary Marriage Helper Dry Erase Board by AllysDesigns
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