Making Wedding Packs!

I have made some templates for wedding packs which includes wedding favors, invitations, menus, programs, table cards, RSVP postcards and more! The whole idea is that when ladies are looking for their theme they like things to match, well that is how I remember it from when I was getting married 7 years ago.

Making these wedding products has filled me with nostalgia as I realized how much I had forgotten about how much goes into planning one. I did everything from scratch for our wedding as we had little money and it was to be held on my parents beautiful property north of Perth. The only thing we paid someone else to do was the photography (though most of the best, most meaningful pictures came from the guests cameras!) Lots of things had to be done on the day - I made my own bouquets from cheap flowers bought at our local food shop, styled all my bridesmaids hair and applied their make-up, placed the napkins and hired cutlery inside the hand made napkin rings, I made my own centerpieces which would glow at night, I hung up all the curtains, my step dad had the wonderful idea of arranging them into a sail pattern. I hung up the fairy lights, they looked spectacular that night! My lovely friends and bridesmaids helped me set up the tables and chairs, and on the night some wonderful wedding guests helped me bring out the buffet food, it was a hot summer night so salads and cold meat and cheese selections went over well. However, for a year up until the big day and especially those two months before I was a woman consumed! And when the wedding was over I also remember how relieved I was, but for then next couple of months when ever I saw something red or gold with white I would have a fleeting, inspirational stirring of "That would look nice on the centerpieces/tables/napkin holders/attached to the table cloths etc." because I made EVERY LITTLE DETAIL HAPPEN. Here are some pictures!

So back to the Zazzle part of this blog! I recently sold a bunch of wedding place cards and it was a fabulous sale! Someone bought 80 of them and wondered if I might have made more if I had more matching products to go with it, so I am now on a mission to make packs of matching products, from the invitation to the table card to the favors, because I remember how important it was to me to have things which complimented each other to bring it all together nicely. So here are a few matching products! Just click on the picture to go and see all of the matching products.

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