Bipolar Disorder Management

I have a couple of family members who have Bipolar Disorder and although I can't give a perspective into having this disorder I can certainly give you an idea of what it can be like to be looking in on it from the outside.

The highs appear to not be awesome for my family members. Sure, there are times where they seem to be the life of the party, they appear happy and easily excited, passionate and impulsive, everyone hears about this part but no one hears about what comes next. The sense of fun and sometimes mischief is just the beginning. They will spend a small amount of time feeling great, then for the next few days to weeks they will spiral into severe irritation, the racing mind sets in, they feel out of control, they don't know if they're going to say something which could end a friendship or relationship, or make someone disappointed in them, lose their reputation among their peers, even lose their job because of their short attention span and almost non existent attention to detail. Sometimes, despite doing their best to keep their medication in check they can get an unexpected, massive swing, a tidal wave of unwelcome emotions which surge, sometimes with no end in sight. Or sometimes it creeps up on them slowly and they don't even realize they may need to adjust their medication until their bank account is empty the day after they got paid and unfortunately, before they paid rent. And then as it all subsides they don't get to be relieved when they hit baseline again because quite often they are looking for a new job or a new place to live or are dealing with the consequences of not having enough money, or having said something inappropriate to a friend. They spend that precious time in shame which intensifies as they spiral towards rock bottom again.

To watch this is devastating. If you try to bring up that they could be heading for, or in a manic phase or a depressive phase, you are usually met with defensiveness as they are usually fiercely independent. And heaven forbid if you ask if they are taking their medication. Some would say it's none of my damn business, but I care about those people, they are my family, I love them, they are part of my day to day life and my life would be empty without any one of them. I don't want them to end up in a mental health care again at square one, I don't want any of them living in a shelter. I don't want them to lose their security, I don't want them to lose their life to their own hands, I don't want to be the one to find them in that way and wonder if I had asked if they were taking their medication if they may not have taken their own life, so if asking if they are taking it makes me a bad guy then so be it. At least once they have cooled down they will know I care about them.

Because I care about my family members I have started up a Zazzle account for them both so that they have a little bit of money trickling in. It's not a huge amount, but my account is doing well (for a P.O.D. site). I'm bringing in about $100 to $150 a month and if I can get this much to my family members I believe it would be helpful to them. This is one of the products in one of their stores! I thought a mood tracker may be helpful for people who are living with Bipolar Disorder to see at a moments glance how they may be doing, and if things are beginning to go pear shaped they can get in touch with their doctor or psychiatrist A.S.A.P. You can find it by clicking HERE!

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This notepad is a mood diary so people living with bipolar can seek help from their doctor as soon as they notice a change in their symptoms.

This notepad is a mood diary so people living with bipolar can seek help from their doctor as soon as they notice a change in their symptoms.


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