Celebrating 200 page views!

I was having a look at my stats today when I saw it has clicked over to 200 page views! It's awesome to see that people have been making their way over to my blog to read what I have been up to. I try to keep it interesting as I throw in some humor, some serious stuff, some crazy ass analogies, some things which have made me happy or frustrated. It's nice to see that people are interested.

To be honest, I have found writing blogs to be the least complex and most satisfying out of all the tedious tasks which come with working for a POD site like Zazzle. It gives me an opportunity to express. I LOVE creating and I LOVE seeing the finished design on a product I have just posted for sale, everything else which needs to be done to bring attention to your work is, lets face it, just down right boring, but I do it all because I don't want to waste one of the few amazing talents I have.

I spent a good part of my life feeling as though I didn't deserve success, happiness, worthiness, they were all something other people let you feel for yourself when they choose to, when they see fit and it is only in the last year that I have looked into my own mind and soul, risen up and become strong, to know who the hell I am without a shadow of a doubt and to give myself that permission to say "No one will give you what you wont give yourself, so grab that figurative monster in your head by the balls and take your power back! Take the love! Take the success! Take that opportunity! You CAN, You WILL, and YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!!" Believe it and live it every day for the rest of your life and don't ever let anyone think they can take that from you. Let go of all those things which have kept you back, only you can keep yourself back from getting the most out of your life, it is your responsibility to give yourself a chance, and if anyone tries to take your confidence from you then that is their problem not yours. Don't let anyone poison your life with their own personal setbacks. On the other hand, your work will not be every onlookers cup of tea, and that's OK too! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and while most people are considerate while having a differing opinion of what they consider beautiful there are some real jackasses out there, just don't let the nonconstructive criticism get you down.

So to those who may be feeling the way I once felt, if I had but one piece of advice to give to others it would be don't be afraid to shine! If you've got it, flaunt it! Use it! Let others see your inner beauty through your art, allow it to feed other peoples inspiration the way it inspired you, after all, you don't choose to be an artist, the art chooses you, and if you are truly inspired by art it will heal you in ways you couldn't ever have imagined. You get to create things which make others feel something deep in their hearts, be it special or painful. All the money you earn from it is just an added bonus.

And I leave you with my most recent product!

Wishing you all a wonderful day, and please do subscribe!


  1. "To be honest, I have found writing blogs to be the least complex and most satisfying out of all the tedious tasks which come with working for a POD site like Zazzle. " Agree. Plus all my referrals come from it!

  2. That's an awesome little bit of information there Belinha, thanks! It's nice to find like minded people :)


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